The Santa Fe Travelers – Meet The Chile Film

This past month director Kelly Urig caught up with the Santa Fe Travelers and did a little interview. You can read the full blog article here:

Santa Fe Travelers: Food Thoughts

Dir. Kelly Urig set's up for a " Chile Film" interview with Carmella Padilla.

Dir. Kelly Urig set’s up for a ” Chile Film” interview with Carmella Padilla.

The Chile Film – Coming to Las Cruces NM

We are thrilled about coming to southern New Mexico, to share The Chile Film in Las Cruces. To check out the upcoming festival schedule click on the linkthe_chile_film_title small
White Sands International Film Festival

The Chile Film Trailer

The End of The Green Chile Season… But Not The End of Chile

We thought this video was a good one to share even if it is not apart of “The Chile Film.” Here is a quote from Stuart Dyson’s article off of KOB News 4.

“Last year’s chile harvest was about 8,700 acres, the lowest since 1973, down 29% from 2009. The crop had a cash value of $41.6 million, according to the New Mexico Department of Agriculture.”

Pizzeria Espiritu

About a week ago I went to Pizza Espiritu here in Santa Fe. Growing up it was one of my favorite places to eat because of their pesto angel hair pasta. It used to be located off of the famous Canyon Road full of art and galleries, but like most of the restaurants that have been located on the famous street they have had to relocated to a more economical location. I had a delicious meal, I ordered the Green Chile Chicken Alfredo Pasta. I highly recommend it, if you like the taste of chile and cheese together.

Green Chile Chicken Alfredo Pasta

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